• November 18, 2021


When it comes to selecting tiles, intentional search and mindfulness are crucial for making the right choice. For a smooth process from conception to execution, knowledge and an understanding about different tiles are what allows for conscious decision making.

By looking at seven of the top tile patterns, we’ll get to see what it is about tiles that strikes in the market, in terms of popularity and significance and what really doesn’t.

  1. The most common : Straight Lay

This is one of the most common and popular tile patterns out there. Without much complication straight lay primarily involves the arrangement of square tiles in a straight line across the wall entirely covering it.

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  1. The Running Bond or The Brick Wall:

Also known by the name of Stretcher, the running bond or the brick wall is a pattern that is created by arranging rows of tiles offset by precisely half the width of the next row. This tile pattern is very easy to install, flexible and economical with very little wastage. This pattern can be carried out with both rectangular or square tiles.

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  1. Chevron:

The Chevron is primarily parallelogram shaped tiles that are placed at forty five degree to the wall in order to produce a V- shaped pattern that is similar in resemblance to that of a parquet flooring.

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  1. Herringbone:

The Herringbones is a tile pattern that is quite similar to that of the Chevron, but what is different here is the shape of the tiles. While Chevron uses parallelogram shaped tiles, Herringbone is a pattern created by rectangular shaped tiles placed at forty five degree angles to create a v- shaped pattern.

Tip: By choosing a tile range that contains a mix of colours you can combine these to create a personal and playful look within your home.

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  1. Basket weave:

A basketweave tile pattern is one that is created  when a pair of rectangular tiles are laid at ninety degrees to one another. This is a very easy style pattern to achieve from something basic and even has the potential to create a whole different vibe with multiple colors used.

To create this look you need to be able to lay two or more tiles together so that the perimeter of them altogether is identical, making a square. Assuming you lay these first tiles horizontally, you then need to lay the need vertically and alternate the angle each time you lay a new set of two or three tiles.

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  1. Vintage Octagon or Hexagon designs:

A very vintage or a more traditional pattern for a sharp and clean look is the vintage hexagon and octagon pattern. This is a tile pattern that was predominantly a feature of the more traditional houses. These patterns are not only soothing to the eyes but also very easy to maintain. They come in stone, ceramic and differ from each other in terms of size and shape. Mostly found in shades of grays and whites, this is a pattern that has an edge towards the more elegant side.

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  1. Vertical Brick Bond

Similar to traditional Brick Bond tile pattern, the Vertical Brick Bond lays subway-style tiles vertically, opposed to horizontally. This style is perfect for a feature wall in your bathroom or kitchen, adding height to the wall space.

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Different tiles add a certain personality to a particular space. Modern interior designing is trying to minimize the gap between what can and can’t be done today.  There is a constant need for innovation and advancement to maximize potential where found and to remove any inhibitions on creativity.

The options are endless, so having a good understanding of the different options available and being mindful when making the final decision would be the most advisable To yield best results.


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