• November 22, 2021

10 Ways to make your bathroom luxurious

If you search online for pictures of luxurious bathrooms, you’ll see pictures upon pictures of bathrooms the size of a cruise ship. While these photos might not give you ideas for your bathroom make-over, they might make you feel departed.

We’ll show you nine of the most popular and affordable bathroom decorating ideas that will completely change the way you look at it.

Don’t settle for less than perfect lighting:
Someone should create a song about overhead lighting because it’s ignored often. Regardless of that, there are some moderately-priced lighting solutions out there.

This bathroom idea is to use both floor and wall tiles, especially if you want to create a beautiful appearance. If you choose to paint the walls, choose glossy finishes to reflect light and a slip-proof matt surface for the floor to create contrast.

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  • Add a Large Mirror:
    One of the reasons for designing your bathroom around a huge, well-lit mirror is that it brightens up the area, making it an ideal place to wake up in the morning. Using bathroom mirrors with lights has several advantages, including the fact that no shadows get in the way of your reflection so that you can see every detail.
  • Add some Brass:
    The popularity of copper and brass has gone up in recent years, especially in bathrooms that are the most opulent style. One good way to add brass to your bathroom is by introducing small brass accessories, such as a new soap dish or a magnifying mirror.
  • Divide your counters clearly with trays:
    Trays can also be used to store goods in the bathroom. When you use a tray, your counter will seem neater and more organized.
  • Place a Showpiece:
    You can add old items to the countertop to give it character and history, or ceramics and other glassware with greenery/feathers to freshen up the counter.
  • Open Shelves:
    The first thought about reducing clutter in your bathroom is to keep everything hidden away in bathroom furniture, drawers, and cupboards. However, when objects are out of sight, it’s difficult to find them. Open shelving provides visual appeal.
  • Add Plants:
    Bathrooms are no longer just cold, single-function rooms. Put plants in your bathroom. Not only are succulents and other potted plants easy to maintain, but they can improve the appearance of any room.

See what ideas for bathroom makeovers you might want to implement, from recessed open shelving to floating shelves. Whether you want a modern or a classic look, Klay World has a variety of tile colors and finishes to best fit your bathroom.


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